I am organizing the DRAEC (D'ni Research, Ages, and Exploration Committee), you can find me in Sharper's office most of my off time.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Website and Appearances

Well, as the president of the DRAEC, I’ve decided we needed a website. It’s a free site, so it’s nothing special, but it does the job well. Why don’t you check it out? Oh wait… you’re just a journal… http://draec.webs.com 

Anyway, I’m making 2 appearances to speak to the public next week, and yes, they will be the same talk. I will be in Ae’gura on the 27th by the DRC Tent at 8:00 EST and then on the 28th I’ll be at the Guild of Greeters Bevin at 10:00 AM EST.  I hope people can make it! I think I’ll be getting some new people interested, and getting some questions. I will most likely be doing the speech over voice chat, so get your speakers ready.

I worked on my report on Teledahn’s slave cages, but I still have to investigate underneath the ground. It will most likely take a long time because of the hard ground in the area.

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