I am organizing the DRAEC (D'ni Research, Ages, and Exploration Committee), you can find me in Sharper's office most of my off time.

Friday, February 12, 2010

DRAEC Details (and Other Information)

Disclaimer: The DRAEC has no feelings, good or bad, toward the DRC.

The DRAEC has a several stage progress of an age, like the DRC did. The stages are set, to understand the history, safety, and technology of an age. Once an age is completely approved, the full report is released. The stages run as follows:


Stage One:  Solve each puzzle, explain the inner working of the puzzles, and explain the source of power. Also known as the Tech Stage.

Stage Two: Name all unnamed organic materials in the age, explore the age’s atmosphere, and astronomy. Write a singular report on the age’s wildlife. Also known as the Habitat Stage.

Stage Three: Compare samples of the age’s materials and show any results. Also known as the Material Stage.

Stage Four: Explain the meaning of any glyphs and decipher any documents. Explain the use and reason for creation of the age. Also known as the History Stage.

Stage Five: Note all safety issues, and write a guide on how to avoid them. We are not out to limit access to any age. Also known as the Safety Stage.

Final Stage (Six): Write a final report. Summarize any loose ends. Age is then approved. Also known as the Approval Age.

Reports Required to Pass Each Stage

Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Stage 5 Stage 6
Power Report Wildlife Report Material Report History Report Safety Report Summary Report
Report for each puzzle Atmosphere Report   Glyph Report    
  Astronomy Report   Document Report    

Who’s in it? DRAEC Positions

President – Keffren

Vice President – Pending

Teledahn Worker – Keffren

Kadish Tolesa – Ural

Relto – Open

Gahreesen – Open

The Cleft – Open

Eder Gira – Open

Eder Kemo – Open

That’s all the positions in DRAEC Prime :)

I have been working on Teledahn, and because of it’s wonderful and mysterious source of power I decided to do that first. I finished my first report, and there are many more to come. I also plan to make a website for the DRAEC, because it will house all of our reports (in picture form, sorry I can’t get my journal entries onto text.) Oh yeah, I got my KI number, I forgot to mention it last time. 152911 Yeah, 911, ha-ha! This is mainly a report for DRAEC members, and hopefully, future members! Please contact me if you are interested!

- Keff

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