I am organizing the DRAEC (D'ni Research, Ages, and Exploration Committee), you can find me in Sharper's office most of my off time.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

DRAEC is to be Formed

Today, I packed to head down to the cavern. I’ve never been there, but I’ve been almost everywhere else  in the D’ni ages. I have contacted few about the possible formation of the DRAEC. I disagree with the views of the DRC, and I believe that my committee is needed to just research the ages and explore the history of the D’ni without touching or changing anything. Of course we could touch things, such as taking samples, yet the DRC will move, let clumsy tourists in, or even colonize these historic ages. The DRC is needed though, I’m not saying it isn’t. They need to open up ages, let honest explorers in, and hopefully work with the DRAEC. I can’t stress enough, I’m not against the DRC, I just don’t agree with everything they do. If I get some interest, then a site is in need to be made. I will assign ages for people to explore and take samples. Here are my primary goals, age specific:


Teledahn: I will research this age myself, seeing what exactly the giant mushrooms are made of and how the D’ni technology there works.

Gahreesen: I hope I spelled this age correctly! I want someone to take rock samples and compare them with other buildings in the cavern. I also want them to examine those doors, and see how they work.

The Village Island in D’ni: Examine building material and D’ni technology.

I would like people to message me in some way if you would like to join the DRAEC. I will make a post when I make a trip down to the cavern and retrieve my KI, to give the masses my information.

- Keffren

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  1. Not sure if this is the proper place to send you a message about this, but i wasn't sure how to contact you in the cavern. I'm relatively new to these parts, but eager to explore - and to write about my explorations. I would love to help, and i'm going to try to make it to your presentation in Ae'gura tonight.

    - Soroka